About Me

Craig Zuckerman is a mission-driven medical artist and animator who produces attention-grabbing, and captivating presentations to illustrate disease mechanisms while simultaneously capturing the effects of clinical and therapeutic strategies on minimizing disease impacts in his designs. Craig has been perfecting his art for the last 30 years and benefitting his clients in accomplishing ground-breaking results.

A forward-thinking leader, Craig is a strategic executive with a common-sense approach to maintaining client progress through systems, processes, and protocols that save time, improve efficiencies, and explore new opportunities.

Respected and creative designer who has repeatedly delivered beyond the client’s expectations. Engaged mentor, collaborator, and advisor with an innate desire to achieve unprecedented results.

With several years of experience in the healthcare field, Craig’s understanding of brand development, relevant strategies, underlying challenges, and issues is profound and unique. Some of Craig’s notable clients include; Craig is a master storyteller. His notable creations include the development of medical art posters and illustrations for the Department of Homeland Security.

Recently, Craig designed animations and illustrations for the website and peer group presentations for Genomind, a biotechnology company in Pennsylvania. Through these designs, Craig helped Genomind to highlight the relationship between Autism, ALS, and Alzheimer’s disease. Craig also designed atrial animation for AbsoricaLD, a prescription medication used in patients 12 years of age and older for the treatment of severe nodular acne.

Craig understands the importance of client satisfaction and collaboration. During his services, Craig establishes strong partnerships with the client’s Art department to build animations and storyboards for various drugs. Many attorneys and medical experts have sought Craig’s expertise during court trials. His illustrations pinpointed the critical variations between the standard and altered out look to substantiate the evidence during the malpractice lawsuits.

Craig has also designed a corporate logo for a Japanese pharmaceutical client. The logo was implemented by the client at a global level.

Craig is an expert in leveraging Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and After Effects. He holds a BFA in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Medical illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Craig’s area of expertise extends into Photography, Surgical illustration, and 3D/2D Design.

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“Having worked with Craig for over 20 years he has always over-delivered and exceeded expectations. He’s never missed a deadline or gone over budget regardless of the medium. Craig is very easy to work with and he can fit into any team’s creative environment. He’s that creative unicorn everyone should be looking for to get the job done.”

— James Hutchinson, Head of Design, Lumanity

“I’ve been working with Craig since1998 on medical illustrations and MOAs for visually capturing complex messages across a variety of media. He has contributed to numerous slide show presentations of mine, concerning the progression of Autism, ALS, and dementia. His high quality digital work inconsistently delivered on time with impressive results.”

— Jay Lombard, MD

“I’ve been working with Craig since 2006 on medical illustrations and MOAs for visually capturing complex messages across a variety of media. His high-end digital work is consistently delivered on time, and within budget. Tap into Craig for your medical illustration needs, you’ll be glad you did.”

— Jesse Alpers, Creative Director, Evolution Healthcare